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Google Drive Screenshot Shows 5GB of Free Storage!

Cloud Storage from Google on the way?!?!? It sure looks like it!


Via Talk Android



A few days ago we showed you an exclusive screenshot from Google’s pet project, Google Drive, that showed 2GB of free storage. At that time our tipster mentioned something about getting up to 5GB of storage instead of the pictured 2GB but they didn’t really divuldge anymore information other than that. I had a theory that maybe this extra space was to be based on referrals or some other incentives, but as it appears now I was completely wrong. It seems that each and every person who opens a Google Drive account will be given a total of 5GB of free storage. Not 1, not 2, but 5GB right out of the gate as you can plainly see below in the latest screenshot obtained by our tipster. Pretty exciting, no? We also hear that we’re still on track for a release the week of April 16th so luckily we don’t have to wait much longer before we know all there is to know about Google’s upcoming cloud based service. We will definitely keep you posted if our inside source decides to reveal any more information.

[Breaking] Newest Google Drive Screenshot Shows 5GB of Free Storage | TalkAndroid.com.

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