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Half of all new iPads sold will be 4G LTE enabled, UBS says

I’d have to agree that having LTE makes all the difference in the world for the new iPad!




Half of all new iPads sold will be 4G LTE enabled, UBS says

By:  | Mar 22nd, 2012 at 05:10PM

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In a recent report, an analyst for global financial firm UBS predicted that sales of Apple’s new iPad tablet will be split 50/50 between Wi-Fi-only and Wi-Fi + 4G models. “With an HD screen, faster processor and higher-resolution camera, we believe this device will drive demand for faster connectivity,” UBS senior analyst John Hodulik said in research note. Due to Verizon’s superior LTE coverage, Hodulik believes the carrier has a definite edge over AT&T when it comes to selling the device. GigaOm reported on Thursday that previous generations of the iPad were split 60/40 between Wi-Fi-only and 3G models, although it is unclear if users’ tablets were actively subscribed to a carrier’s network.




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