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iPhone Going to Boost Mobile?

Now this appears to be a straight rumor… but if it turns out to be true it’ll definitely shake up the prepaid phone market!

According to pocketnow

We’ve seen some compelling evidence that Boost Mobile will begin carrying the Apple iPhone this year. If true, it would be the first prepaid mobile operator in the US to offer what has traditionally been a device available only on contract (or unlocked). At this point, details are still thin: it’s not even clear if Boost would be stocking the iPhone 4S or older iPhone 4. With many of Boost’s recent Android offerings having first been sold by parent company Sprint (Samsung Replenish, LG Marquee), it’s certainly quite feasible that the iPhone could go the same route. It appears that Boost would not be selling its iPhone until at least the third quarter, although its plans are always subject to change. A prepaid iPhone would undoubtedly give Boost a leg up against its competitors in the prepaid space, such as MetroPCS and Cricket, both of whom have shown a desire to offer more smartphones and their accompanying data plans. 



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