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Nokia Lumia 900 on AT&T to support Visual Voicemail, but other Windows Phone users may not get it!

Now I must say this isn’t good news for current Windows phone users but for future users this is great!


Via The Verge


As we fully expected, the comments on our recent post about AT&T’s apparent decision to not push out the lastest bugfix version of Windows Phone, 8107, have expressed a good deal of unhappiness. However, one comment in particular caught our eye, fromscrapplejoe, which points out a thread at neogaf suggesting Visual Voicemail is present on the Lumia 900. In fact, there’s an even deeper backstory involving a method of forced updating and clever data plan switching first discovered at xda-developers, with which it’s possible to get Visual Voicemail working on a Nokia Lumia 800, Focus Flash, or even other devices on AT&T. The trick primarily requires two things: enabling a 4G LTE plan on AT&T (whether you have LTE or not on your phone) and ensuring that your phone has — you guessed it — the 8107 build of Windows Phone. Those two things (plus thisin-store anecdote relayed at WMPowerUser) all add up to AT&T supporting Visual Voicemail on the Nokia Lumia 900 when it’s released next month.

AT&T has not said that it would support Visual Voicemail on Windows Phone, only T-Mobile in the US has signed on for that. The fact that AT&T apparently isn’t enabling it for phones that aren’t on LTE plans and that don’t have the 8107 build — despite the fact that support for Visual Voicemail came as in Windows Phone 7.5 — doesn’t bode well for current AT&T Windows Phone users. Back in 2010, AT&T said it would be the “premier carrier” for Windows Phone. Hopefully now, in 2012, that doesn’t translate to only providing premier services for the Nokia Lumia 900.





Nokia Lumia 900 on AT&T to support Visual Voicemail, but other Windows Phone users may not get it | The Verge.

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