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Paper: the next great iPad app!

The Verge has a good article on this new drawing app! I’ll be trying it out in a few!

Via The Verge




“People are at their best when they’re creating,” Petschnigg told us; he and his team don’t want to hinder creativity or distract people in any way. “When you’re moving about the world, you don’t want to be futzing with settings.” There’s no place to find more settings than inside a Microsoft Office product, which Petschnigg worked tirelessly on for years. After years of working on settings ribbons and menus that only a small percentage of people actually dig into, Petschnigg was finished with complicated applications. Paper, like Clear for iPhone, is perfect if you’re looking for a simple application designed to accomplish one goal. Most developers provide paper apps cluttered with hundreds of tweaks and settings. In Paper’s case, that goal is to provide a digital pad of paper, the likes of which we’ve been hoping for since the iPad launch — an app free of icons and folders and settings and menus.

Grab Paper from the iTunes Store.

Paper: the next great iPad app, from the brains behind Courier | The Verge.

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