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Sony Tablets get Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich next month!

This is great news for Sony Tablet S and P fans! Android 4.0 ICS is on the way next month!


Via Electronista


Sony expands Tablet P and upgrades OS



Sony early Thursday dealt a slew of updates for the Tablet P and its older Tablet S cousin. The Tablet P should now have a Wi-Fi only version, trimming the cost versus the 3G model. In Japan, it ships on April 21 for 50,000 yen ($601) with tax, although there’s no sign of whether or not it will reach the US.

Five personalized color shells will be available the same day for 5,000 yen ($60) each.

At about the same time, both Tablet P and Tablet S owners should get Android 4.0. Along with the performance and interface features it entails, such as the newer home screen, Gallery, and camera apps, it will give Small Apps, or small widget-like apps for quick tasks without having to switch away. A browser, calculator, and a remote are among the examples.

Sometime in May, those with Sony’s Blu-ray TV recorders in Japan will get a dedicated app, Recopla, for watching their content over the local network. It will serve as a remote control for the recorder. The support should extend to TVs with Blu-ray and hard drive recording built-in. [via Impress]

Android 4.0 UI, Recopla, and Tablet P shells

Read more: http://www.electronista.com/articles/12/03/22/sony.expands.tablet.p.and.upgrades.os/#ixzz1pskTWF5B



Sony Tablet P gets Wi-Fi model, all Tablets get Android 4.0 | Electronista.

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