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Sprint targeting April 15th for Galaxy Nexus launch

Sprint Fans! if this is true Aprile 15th can’t come soon enough as getting 4G LTE up and running on Sprint is a good thing!

Sprint has set April 15th as the targeted launch date of the Galaxy Nexus

S4GRU.com recently received a tip from a Sprint source from within their Product Development division who confirmed the Galaxy Nexus expected launch date. Sprint internally is holding the April 15, 2012 schedule date for its management of the GNex program. However, the 15th is on a Sunday. That seems like a highly unlikely date to start offering the device in stores. It is much more likely that Sprint will start selling the Galaxy Nexus on Friday the 13th, Saturday the 14th, or possibly even the following weekend.

Sprint has a Galaxy Nexus contest that ends on April 14th and is also running several promotions on WiMax devices that end on April 14th and there abouts. So there have been many people who have reasonably concluded that April 15th was likely the targeted launch date for the new Galaxy Nexus. This turned out to be pretty good deductions.

There have been a lot of rumors and guessing about Sprint’s launch of the Galaxy Nexus. Some folks guessed dates that already have passed by. Some others were guessing it would be July 1st or later. However, lately, most reasonably intelligent people who follow this stuff closely have settled on April 15th. And they would be right!

via CONFIRMED: Sprint targeting April 15th for Galaxy Nexus launch – Sprint 4G Rollout Updates.

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