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Is AT&T Planning to Start Offering the Galaxy Nexus?

This could be true! AT&T Galaxy Nexus anyone?



A rumor about the Galaxy Nexus has been picking-up traction this evening, only for the first time in a while it’s not about Sprint. Supposedly, it’s now AT&T’s turn to look to the latest Google flagship Android smartphone, and the arrival of some new SIM chips at the carrier is evidence of this move. Could there be any truth to the news? 

Android Revolution heard from what it describes as a trusted source that AT&T has been distributing some new LTE mini-SIM chips for use with testing the Galaxy Nexus. While we have no reason to doubt that news about some new SIMs, we’re struggling to make the connection between them and the Galaxy Nexus. 

There seems to be some confusion over what SIMs AT&T is currently using for LTE (including plenty of odd discussion of “full-size” SIMs – that would be the size of a credit card, and the largest we regularly use is the mini-SIM), and the assumption that everything so far on AT&T LTE has used micro-SIMs. That’s just not true, and the Galaxy Note, at least, takes a mini-SIM. 



Is AT&T Planning to Start Offering the Galaxy Nexus?.

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