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Asus Transformer EEE Pad TF300T Review

Asus Transformer EEE Pad TF300T

Hardware and Design

The hardware on the new Asus Transformer EEE Pad is somewhat of a mixed bag especially if you’ve used the Asus Transformer Prime. In saying that I mean it’s by no means a badly designed device and or using cheap parts. But it does feel kind of cheap compared to the Transformer Prime just because of the plastic backing. And I compare it to the Transformer Prime due to many of the specs on this tablet are about the same as the latter. But it is $120 dollars cheaper then the Transformer Prime. It’s pretty light overall and the display is gorgeous at HD 1280×800 Super IPS resolution. The Nvidia Tegra 3 graphics are a beauty to behold especially on ShawdowGun and Dark Meadow which you can get via the Nvidia Tegra Zone store. Also If your buying this device it really makes sense to get the keyboard dock it’s worth the extra 149. Reason being it adds another dimension to this device including additional battery life (which is great all in all), USB port and SD Card Slot and the keyboard has many keyboard shortcuts and the mouse cursor works very well on the trackpad provided. This combination really could replace a netbook easily.


Score 7.5 without keyboard dock
Score 9.0 with keyboard dock

Performance and Android 4.03

Android 4.03 Ice Cream Sandwich is on this device from the go and it performs very well especially if you ever had the joy of using Android 3.0 Honeycomb…
One thing that stands out about Asus is that they really don’t add too much to stock Android meaning that it’s pretty much a clean install with not a lot of manufacturer apps. You get some apps from Asus including a DLNA network app which is pretty nice also a File Manager, My Cloud and Polaris Office which is a nice touch. I ran Quadrant Standard and got a 3174 score which isn’t bad.

Score 8.0

Camera Quality

The camera’s on this device aren’t really too bad, but I personally don’t have a reason to use the rear camera as it has no flash. But in using it it’s actually better then I thought it would be. Also using the front camera serves the purpose for video chat especially if you have the keyboard dock since you wouldn’t need to hold the tablet at all.


Score 7.0

Network and Radio Performance

This is a wifi only model with no 3G/4G. And the best improvement they made was the GPS no longer requiring a dongle to work properly like the Transformer Prime. Wifi works well and I didn’t notice any major issues.

Transformer Pad TF300T fails to challenge Prime

Score 7.0


Overall the Asus Transformer Pad 300 is a nice tablet with a lot of features with the main standout feature being the price, keyboard dock and Android 4.0.3. I highly recommend you take a look at it especially if your looking to replace a netbook. At 529.99 (379.99 Tablet plus 149.99 Keyboard Dock) this is a great combination device and you will not be disappointed.



Snob Score(s)

Score 8.0 (Without Keyboard Dock)
Score 8.5 (With Keyboard Dock)

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