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HTC One X 4G LTE (AT&T) Written and Video Review

HTC One X 4G LTE (AT&T) Review

Hardware and Design

First I must say that the hardware on this device is absolutely great and it’s the best design I’ve seen from HTC in quite awhile.   The body of the device is made out of a polycarbonate unibody material that is a very hard plastic.  Even though it is plastic it feels like a very high quality device.  Now if you have small hands it can be too much to handle using one hand.  There is only 16Gb of space on this device and even though that doesn’t sound like enough the fact you get 25GB of cloud storage from Dropbox more then makes up for it along with the fact you can use Google Music to store all of your music in the cloud.  The display on this device is a Super LCD 2 720p HD screen and it’s right up there in terms of quality and clarity with the Samsung Galaxy Note meaning it’s the best I’ve used on a mobile device.  I will say that since it’s 4.7 inches that it’s easier to hold then the Galaxy Note however since this phone is so thin and light it can fell like a toy.

Score 8.75

Performance and Android 4.03 (HTC Sense 4.0)

The Performance on this device is by far the best I’ve ever had using an Android device that hasn’t been modified or flashed with some different type of software out of the box.  I’ve rarely had any hiccups and/or slowdowns and I’d say my only major complaint with the performance is due to the way RAM is managed which should be enough at 1GB.  My device shows 540MB used and 132MB free as I write this and that should be enough but as software gets better throughout the year I think the lack of RAM available will show.  Which also may explain why the Samsung Galaxy S3 is going to 2GB of Ram!  HTC Sense on the other hand is GREAT! Now I say that as a fan of HTC Sense I love the widgets and the weather and also I believe that HTC Sense makes things easier to use on Android 4.0 ICS.  Personally I’ve had more fun using this device then the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Score 8.5

Camera Quality

All I have to say about the Camera and ImageSense on the HTC One X WOW!  HTC has done a great job in revamping the camera and software for the One series and I must say that the images taken with this device are as good as the iPhone 4S but the inclusion of all the additional filters and options put it over the top.  The shutter speed is very good along with the burst mode and you can take video and snap stills during the video!  On a side note while watching a video clip on the device you can take a still photo as well! Great Job here HTC!  Sample Shots below


Score 9.0

Network and Radio Performance

The Network performance is great where I’m located in the DC/Baltimore Metro area so your mileage will vary depending on where you live and work.  However if your in a 4G LTE area your going to love this device as the lowest speed I’ve gotten from this device was 18.29Mbps download and 4.95Mbps upload.  I’ve seen upto 33Mbps download and 11.78Mps upload.  Call quality is good I haven’t seen any problems there and I also like that this phone will connect to a 5GHz routers such as the Apple Airport Extreme it also has Bluetooth 4.0.   Beats Audio is also on this device and I’ve tested it with the Beats Wireless headphones and it sounds great I know it’s pretty much just a music filter but it sounds good nonetheless.

Score 9.0


Overall I say this is currently the best Android device I’ve ever used and I recommend it highly (assuming you can find one) if your looking for an Android 4.0 phone with an HD Screen.  Now since it can be too big for some I suggest checking out the HTC One S.

Overall Snobs Score


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