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Blackberry Bold 9900 4G (T-Mobile) Review

Blackberry Bold 9900 4G (T-Mobile) Review



Hardware and Design

The first thing that will stand out to you about this device is the overall build quality and feel of the phone.   To say I’m impressed would be an understatement as this is by FAR the BEST BLACKBERRY to ever be released!  Now when I say that I’m strictly coming from a viewpoint using older Blackberries as my primary work device for the better part of 12 years in which they rarely ever changed much.  Recently I went to an Android device from the Blackberry Bold 9650 and even though I use a variety of devices now I appreciate the fact the RIM did finally switch to a touch screen that is very good!  In fact it’s more responsive then most if not all Android touch screens.  Now that being said it is 2.8 inches at 640×480 but it really looks good.  The keyboard is flawless and the fact that you can use both the buttons and the screen is great.  It also has 8GB of onboard storage and a micro sd slot, 5MP camera along with an excellent trackpad.

Score 8.5

Performance and OS7

The Performance on this device is very good in fact it’s so fast I really can’t believe it’s a Blackberry in all honesty I really wasn’t expecting much from this device as far as speed and performance goes as I came from using OS 6.0 on the Bold 9650 which slowed the device down extremely.  But the hardware and software on this device is a good match.  Now with that being said the OS itself is rather complex as if you’ve never used a Blackberry be prepared for clicking through several menus and using the Blackberry button to get to hidden menus.  But since the touchscreen and trackpad are available it does ease the pain a bit.  The OS now has a wifi hotspot feature along with the ability to connect to 5Ghz wifi networks.   Web browsing on this device is fine as long as you goto mobile sites and pinch to zoom works well.  I really expect the next iteration of the software with Blackberry 10 to make huge improvements with the software and user friendless since using this device mainly appeals to current and/or former Blackberry users.

Score 7.0

Camera Quality

The Camera on this device takes pictures pretty fast and it takes them at 5MP the quality is pretty good as it bests any prior Blackberry to date! It also supports geo tagging and face detection.  And It can record in 720p HD sample shots below.

Score 6.5

Network and Radio Performance

I haven’t ran into any issues with the Network in my area,  Obviously that all depends on the coverage in your area however I do like the fact the wifi chip in this device can connect to the newer routers to provide more speed and RIM has always done a good job in the Radio performance area as even when your in a low coverage area your battery doesn’t take a major hit searching for a signal.

Score 7.0


Overall I say the Blackberry Bold 9900 stands out from the pack of any Blackberry released to date but the device really only appeals to previous Blackberry users and fans of hardware keyboards. Also this device isn’t really aimed at consumers (Blackberry 10 incoming!) I still feel like it’s still a major step in the right direction.  Also as of now you can get this model for 99.99 at Best Buy which makes the price much better proposition then the 299.99 that T-Mobile wants on it’s website.   Bottom line if you like Blackberry OS and hardware keyboards this is by far the best model yet.

Snob Score


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