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New MacBook Airs go up to 8GB RAM and 512GB SSD?!?

What we have here folks is a leak from 9 to 5 Mac and it looks pretty legit to me!  We’re less then 3 hours away from the conference!


Via 9 to 5 Mac



We’re just getting some new news on the updated Airs. We hear they start at 4GB of RAM and now go up to 8GB on the high end.  Here are three Airs we’ve received word on so far:

  • Base Model: MD223LL/A – MBA 11.6/1.7/4/64FLASH-USA
  • Better: MD224LL/A – MBA 11.6/1.7/4/128FLASH-USA
  • High End: MD845LL/A – MBA 11.6/2.0/8/256FLASH-USA

Update: We’re now getting specs on the 13s:

  • MD231LL/A – MBAIR 13.3/1.8/4/128FLASH-USA
  • MD232LL/A – MBAIR 13.3/1.8/4/256FLASH-USA
  • MD846LL/A – MBAIR 13.3/2.0/8/512FLASH-USA

The bolded numbers are the RAM and would be a significant (and welcome) increase over the previous models.

We’ve also bolded the 512GB SSD on the high end Air. As we’ve said previously, these will be SATA 3 Solid State drives and at least some will be based on Samsung’s 830 series – which are super fast.

We released information on MacBook Pros and Mac Pros earlier this morning.





More new Mac specs: MacBook Airs now come with 4GB RAM standard, go up to 8GB (Update: 512GB Air SSD option!) | 9to5Mac | Apple Intelligence.

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