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Another Samsung Android Phone For Verizon codename “Jasper”

Another Samsung phone incoming to Verizon!



Via PocketNow


Samsung’s “Jasper” Shows Its Face: S4-Based Android For Verizon

 Stephen Schenck | July 20, 2012 10:58 AM

Samsung’s model SCH-I200 “Jasper” first came to our attention three months ago, when we looked at the Bluetooth certification and some benchmark data for the handset. The specs revealed by that info painted the picture of a mid-range handset, but one that still used the very capable Snapdragon S4 chip we see in much higher-end phones. About a month ago, we caught sight of the handset’s FCC paperwork passing through the agency, all needed Verizon bands accounted for, but we still had yet to get any sort of look at the phone itself. That may be finally changing today, upon the release of what are supposed to be the first press shots of the Jasper.

The handset looks pretty much like we’d expect a mid-range model to present itself; no one’s splitting hairs over just how thick the bezel is. Even with such a straightforward design, there are still some interesting choices here, like a refreshed set of capacitive Android buttons. While still present, they get a little update for Ice Cream Sandwich, including what could be a button just for multi-tasking.

With its dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 MSM8960 and Verizon LTE, the Jasper should be a pretty spry little Android. Instead of luxuries like a 720p screen, the phone gets a WVGA component, instead, and we assume on-board storage will be a bit lower than a more top-tier model, but as far as mid-range devices go, this one looks quite solid. Sprint may also be getting a model based on very similar hardware, the Samsung SPH-L300. There’s no word yet on when either model might launch.


Samsung’s “Jasper” Shows Its Face: S4-Based Android For Verizon | Pocketnow.

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