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Samsung Galaxy III 4G LTE (Sprint) 1st week Impressions

Here are some of my impressions of the Samsung Galaxy S III on Sprint after about using it for a week or so.


First off the software package is incredible and excessive at the same time as the latest Touchwiz is a pleasure to use but most people won’t use all it has to offer due to the fact that it has so many features.  The Sprint version has the most complete “Google” experience out of all of the other models due to the fact it has Google Wallet, Dropbox 50GB cloud storage for two years and a fully integrated Google Voice option which allows you to use your Google Voice number instead of your cell phone number.

All of those features are nice and welcomed but the part that holds this device back actually has nothing to do with the hardware or software, it’s the network… And I’m saying that loosely because I know they’ve just started delivering 4G LTE this week but the data speeds are so slow I couldn’t imagine using this phone as my main device unless I was forced to use it.  I know that sounds harsh but the reality is that Verizon and AT&T have their 4G LTE networks up and running and even their 3G is faster.  There have been times when doing a speedtest that I don’t even get 1MB down or up.  Matter of fact when it goes over 1MB I’m surprised.  It’s all good though this phone is 4G LTE ready and since it’s unlimited data once you go 4G LTE you’ll never turn back!  Check back for my full review later this week.

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