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Samsung Galaxy S III 4G LTE (AT&T) Review

Hardware and Design


The hardware on the Galaxy S III is very nice overall consisting of several nice features.  The device is big but it’s light and very appealing!  I like the size of the display which is 4.8 inches and is a Super Amoled display.  The phone is also very thin and although it’s plastic it has a nice high-end feel to it, I like the addition of the physical home button although it takes some getting used to and I like the LED at the top left corner as well.  Another great thing about the design is that the phone remains unchanged from Samsung’s unveiling a couple months ago as usually in the US the carriers modify the hardware and make several changes.  Now by keeping everything the same across the world allows Samsung to ship this phone uncontrollably which means at the time of this writing the Samsung Galaxy S III has shipped 10 million phones!

My Score   8.7

Software and Performance


Samsung has done a standout job on the software package included in their latest flagship device.  It simply has the most features I’ve ever seen on a smartphone that are worth using from when you first turn on the device.  Just to name a few you Samsung has included AllShare Play, Flipboard, Kies Air, S Memo, S Suggest, Music Hub, Media Hub, S Voice and it just gets better.  Even if you don’t have a use for all of the software packages it’s there and it works well.  I also really like all of the motion gestures such as swiping your palm across the screen to capture a screenshot and tapping the top of the phone to scroll back to the top of a webpage instantly.   The overall performance itself is by far the best I’ve ever used on an Android device period.   I’ve yet to see any other device that matches the performance here.

My Score 9.0



The camera sensor used in the Samsung Galaxy S III is the same as used in the iPhone 4S and from my testing I’ve found it to be very good and in a lot of ways better just due to the fact of all of the additional software included.  The only other phones I think that even light a candle to the software options are the HTC One X and Nokia Lumia 900. See sample pics below.

My Score 9.0

Network and Radio Performance


On AT&T’s network  the Samsung Galaxy S III flies! It is really fast on 4G LTE and it makes all the difference in the world!  I’ve seen over 30Mbps Down and 10Mbps up several times.  The battery life is good too although it’s still doesn’t get better life then the Droid Razr Maxx.   Even if you don’t live in one of the 47  markets that have 4G LTE  coverage you’ll fall back on the speedy HSPA+ Network which is still faster then Sprint and Verizon’s 3G service.   It makes good phone calls although I don’t call people too much but in all reality I personally find the 4G LTE coverage in the DC/MD/VA area to be very good.   The fact of the matter is after using this phone on HSPA+ or 4G LTE you’ll never want to use 3G again and I’m glad all the US carriers are going to 4G LTE

My Score 8.5


Overall the Galaxy S III on AT&T is a great choice which offers fantastic hardware, software and features and the network is really fast especially after using this phone on Sprint 3G.  Honestly after using 4G LTE on AT&T and I really have no desire to use a phone without it at this point.   This is the best Android phone you can buy right now and it’s the most user friendly.   I will say this phone has so many features it can be intimidating to a first time smartphone user but it’s easy enough to use with a big enough screen to appeal to anyone.

My Snob Score  8.8






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