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Samsung Galaxy S III Arrives at AT&T stores July 6

Hey there AT&T fans your time has come! The Samsung Galaxy S III will be in-store and online this Friday July 6th! I must say it has been somewhat of a botched launch for Samsung and several US carriers due to the demand. Although it hasn’t been that bad but I guess that what pre-orders are for…yeah right!

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Samsung Galaxy S III Arrives at AT&T stores July 6

Kari Tillman
July 02, 2012

Great news, the wait is finally over! I’m excited to share with you that the Samsung Galaxy S III will arrive in AT&T stores on July 6th.

Thousands of customers, who just couldn’t wait, have already preordered it and have the device in hand. The reviews are fantastic and now it will be available for same day purchase in AT&T company-owned retail stores and online with overnight shipping starting July 6.

With the availability of the Galaxy S III alongside the HTC One X, AT&T offers our customers two of the most cutting-edge Android smartphones on the market.

As a product manager, I’ve been fortunate to be able to work on the Galaxy S III since the early concepts and am very pleased with the results. It’s amazing to see how the Galaxy S series has evolved. Not only is this a gorgeous device that feels good in the hand, but the features Samsung has introduced really make it simple to use.

I love being able to quickly launch applications like email, AT&T Messages and even the camera right from the lock screen. And it is really cool to be able to make a call by simply lifting the phone to your ear! There are so many simple gestures and hidden tricks that even I’m still discovering some of them.

We know our customers already love the Galaxy S III and we’re thrilled that you will now be able to walk out of the store with the device in hand, ready to experience all the fabulous features and start sharing it with their friends. For more information, check out www.att.com/galaxysiii.

Samsung Galaxy S III Arrives at AT&T stores July 6.

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