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Sony SmartWatch Review (Android)

Sony Smartwatch Review



Hardware and Design

The Sony Smartwatch has a very nice design overall the screen is about the size of a quarter and there is a power button on the right side.   The screen is a good size for a watch and it’s big enough so it doesn’t look like you’re an extreme nerd wearing it.  It comes with a wristband and with some additional watch links and a charging cable.  I must say one of the biggest letdowns of this watch is the terrible charging cable.  The main reason is it’s not micro usb which would’ve solved my issue, but no it’s some proprietary cable with 4 contact points which need the clamp on the watch to hold it in place…


My Score 6.5

Performance and Operating System

Ok this is where Sony dropped the ball which doesn’t surprise me at all,  Now I put the blame on Sony because this watch requires an Android phone so with that being said it should be a seamless experience right?  WRONG! First off you need to download LiveWare Manager Software which basically a management software for smart devices.  The software is flaky at best as a matter of fact as I’m writing this they just updated it again that makes for at least 2 updates in the past few weeks which is a good thing because it needs updates.  Once you have that installed you then have to download the smartwatch software from Sony, which is another software package.  All in all after two firmware updates to the watch in addition to the previous software updates all I can say it that this brings a horrible user experience to what could’ve been a nice product in a niche market.

My Score 2.0

Software and Apps

When the watch is working I really like what you can do with it!  I like how I can have my phone in my pocket and when a call comes in I can decline it with my watch then send a canned response text if I want to right from the watch.  Twitter, Facebook and Weather work really well too.  The Google Play store has a ton of similar smart apps so there is a lot to experiment with I also like the fact you can use the Smartwatch as a watch without a phone but you initially have to connect it to the phone to get the time to sync so it pretty much makes it useless.

My Score 6.0


In the end I really wanted to like this watch and at sometime I do enjoy it.  But far too many disconnects and reconnects and repairing and so on make this a tough gadget to recommend.  I think after several more updates this could be a nice novelty watch but certainly not at it’s current $149.99 asking price.  I got it for a less but I truthfully can’t imagine paying anymore then 60 bucks for this and that’s if Sony fixes all of the issues.

My Snob Score 4.8

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