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Images of Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 2

This looks real folks!  And I’m excited about the Galaxy Note 2 I really liked the original phone and this one steps up the game!


Via Phandroid


First images of Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 2, with branded home button and all

The Galaxy Note 2 has created quite the commotion since its announcement a few weeks ago. Many of us want it, but we are not sure which Carriers will offer it in the US (though there are rumors of it coming to most carriers). The wait is always the hardest part, but we finally have what looks to be good evidence that Verizon will be carrying the popular phablet.

These images just hit our inbox and we have kind of mixed feelings about them. The photos look real, and there are no obvious signs of anything being faked, but a little bell rings once you take a look at the home button. It is branded with Verizon’s logo!

So we have one of two situations here: either Verizon is out of its mind and has officially managed to make a beautiful device a bit uglier, or these images are not as real as they seem. For the first time in my tech blogging career, I am wishing for the latter to be the case.

We suppose we will have to wait and see. It could very well be something they plan to take away once the device hits the streets (wishful thinking). The back and menu button also have what looks like some kind of morse code dots, so this shouldn’t be the final design.

I know I don’t want my Note 2 to have that ugly logo in my face. Regardless, I would probably still get it, would you?

Thanks, Sean!





First images of Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 2, with branded home button and all.

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