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Watch the iPhone 5 Video here!

Here is the promo video for the iPhone 5!  Very nice production as always from Apple.  This video highlights some of the main features of the new phone including the design, display and 4G LTE support.  It’s worth a look!



Via Apple



Apple – iPhone 5 – The thinnest, lightest, fastest iPhone ever..

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  • Jpgomez80

    iPhone 5 truly elegant and nice design.  Bummer that they decided to make everyone invest in new peripherals to make some extra money.  I also have to say nice job on the 3D maps, its a first draft so lets not beat them up to bad for some of the draw backs but they did a pretty good job getting a first release.  Again a little sad to drop Google and then try to leverage their API’s into your own mapping solution but creativity is just that.  Overall 4.7 out of 5.0 in my book solid phone.

    • Yep it’s a very nice design and very fast. Although iOS 6 is more of a refinement of iOS 5 it does the job well. The maps will get better over time but Google will bring it’s maps back soon.