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AT&T cuts returns and service cancelation period from 30 to 14 days!

AT&T now has 14 Day Returns!!!  They are the last of the 4 major carriers to goto 14-day policy!
Via Engadget


Prone to bouts of buyer’s remorse? Well if you were planning an AT&T flavored purchase, you might want to start the car. A tipster has sent in what appears to be a notice to staff advising that the returns period for equipment and service cancellations will be shrinking from 30 to 14-days — effective tomorrow. Purchases made today would benefit from the longer period, and our tipster claims that there may be a grace period until November where returns could be processed as if still under the original scheme (what sounds, to us, like a courtesy for those who didn’t read the fine print). We don’t have all the fine print, but head past the break for a little more on the specifics.

[Thanks, Anonymous]

Update: AT&T has confirmed the policy change to us, noting that it’ll indeed go into effect tomorrow, but won’t affect certain business customers. You’ll find the full response after the break, while we’re getting word on how this will work in California, where 30 return periods are required by law.




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