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iPad Mini, 13 Inch Retina Display MacBook Pro, New iMac and iPad 4 unveiled!

Well folks Apple didn’t disappoint today!  They pretty much refreshed a good chunk of their products along with announcing not one but two new products!  The iPad Mini and 13 inch MacBook Pro come in at $329 and $1699 respectively and I’m sure the iPad Mini will be a great stocking stuffer for this holiday.  Although the price is higher then what most anticipated Apple has such a huge lead in the Tablet market they can afford to go out and charge $329 for a Mini Tablet even with the Nexus 7 coming in at $199 most people will probably rather have an iPad and for just $129 more they’ll be able to grab one.  Last but not least the New iMac really turned some heads with the all new design and I must say it looks absolutely stunning in all aspects.  The brand new Fusion Drive technology which takes an 128GB SSD drive and combines it with a 1 TB hard drive is a real treat!


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