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Samsung Galaxy Stellar 4G LTE (Verizon) Review

Samsung Galaxy Stellar 4G LTE Verizon



Hardware and Design


The Hardware and on the Design on the Samsung Galaxy Stellar isn’t nothing to spectacular from a standpoint looks as the hardware isn’t anything you haven’t seen before.  However it really has a nice feel in your hand and with it being a 4 inch display with a 800×480 resolution.  Where this device shines is with it’s snappy dual core 1.2 dual core processor and 2100mah battery.  The body of the phone is plastic like most of Samsung’s phones but since this is a budget phone I’m not going to harp on that.  This phone is currently free on a 2-year contract and 329.99 no contract.



Performance and Operating System


The other standout on this device outside of it’s 1.2 dual core cpu is the fact that it comes loaded with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.   And since Android 4.0 has been out awhile now that is to be expected but unfortunately we’re still seeing phones released with Android 2.3 Gingerbread.  Now I’m not sure if this device will get Android 4.1 Jelly Bean but it only can make it better.  This phone also now as the Amazon Apps Suite preloaded and if you’re an Amazon fan you’ll be pleased.  Otherwise there isn’t too much bloatware on the phone.  Using this phone for day to day use you won’t have any issues especially if you’re a first time smartphone owner which is who this device is geared toward.





The camera on this device comes in at 3.2 megapixels and it just really isn’t all that impressive.  But then again this phone isn’t really for someone that wants to replace their point and shoot camera it’s for users new to smartphones.


Network and Radio Performance


I believe the best feature on this phone is the fact it’s on Verizon who now has the largest 4G LTE coverage in the US and the internet speeds and video and music streaming are fantastic and the fact you can get this phone for free and have access to their network is it’s major selling point.  I’ve frequently pulled down speeds over the advertised 5-12MBps and that’s great!




Overall this is a good phone for newcomers to Android as this phone doesn’t try to do something it’s not capable of which is good.  The dual core cpu make it’s fast and the internet speeds make using web a pleasant experience.  Overall if you don’t want to pay any money for an Android phone and want access to Verizon’s 4G LTE network you really can’t lose.



Check out my Video Review of the Samsung Galaxy Stellar 4G on Verizon!

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