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Verizon Announces the DROID DNA by HTC with a Full HD 1080P Display!

All I can say is wow! a 5 inch screen with 1080P resolution! lol this is getting crazy! This phone is up for preorder now for $199 and will be available on 11/21!
Via Verizon

The crisp picture of a 1080p resolution screen has generally been found on televisions or computer monitors in homes. The new DROID DNA by HTC is the first smartphone to scale the resolution down to a five-inch display.
For gamers, the highest screen resolution possible provides a sharper image for browsing and clearer animations when playing. The five-inch display on the DROID DNA means touch controls won’t get in the way of gameplay. Titles like Reign of Amira take advantage the quad-core processor in combination with the 1080p to deliver superior graphics during a game.
With the holiday shopping season at hand, better resolution means clearer images, particularly useful for those scanning websites to compare prices and product details. Included on the home screen is a new icon, that offers a single point of access to several Amazon shopping apps in one spot.
The DROID DNA is designed with a built-in wireless charging back to take advantage of a wireless charger, one of this year’s best tech gifts. Charging the DROID DNA is as easy as setting it on a charging pad, eliminating the need for an outlet.
The DROID DNA by HTC is available for pre-order starting today and will be in Verizon Wireless Communications Stores starting Nov. 21.




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