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Press Day at CES

CES wraps up the unofficial day one for the Press. I started out going to the LG Press conference where LG unveiled several new TV’s 13 to be exact. One of the 4K TV’s will now be more affordable at $12,000! I’ll have more pictures of the TV’s tomorrow when I get to their booth. Also the talked about the Optimus G as being a “superphone” although the phone has already been released on Sprint and AT&T I wouldn’t be surprised to see a model coming to Verizon Wireless sooner then later. The next event I attended was the Monster Cable event which brought a lot of starpower and several new headphones! It really got to the point where I really couldn’t tell the difference between them all but nonetheless you have one heck of selection if you so happen to choose Monster for your headphones. They brought out Tyson Beckford, Shelia E, Xzibit Drew Brees and even Sugar Ray Leonard! It was crazy! I’d say the main headphones that stood out are the new EA SPORTS™ MVP Carbon by Monster Nick Cannon also had a slew of new colors for his Ncredible line too. After that I went over to the Samsung Press conference which had all sorts of new products including a new F8000 flaghsip set which has a quad-core cpu they also showed off their OLED set which will go up to a staggering 110 inches. Last but not least Sony held their press event at the Las Vegas convention center itself and they announced several products including two new 4K TV’s in 55 and 65 inch size they also showed off their brand new flagship Sony Xperia Z which has a fantastic 1080p display and it’s just 7.9mm thin which makes this phone look fantasic.



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