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HP unveils the HP Pavilion Chromebook for $329.99


Google Chromebook fans you have another product to be excited about!! HP has just released the HP Pavilion Chromebook for $329.99. Check out the features and Overview below!


Via HP

The HP Pavilion Chromebook gives you fast and easy access to the things you love and depend on, from a world of Google apps and services to your photos and social networks. And since it’s the first Chromebook with a 14-inch diagonal design, you get full-size comfort without giving up full-on mobility.
Intel® Celeron® 847 (1.1 GHz )
Enjoy instant access to your digital life.
With your apps, documents, photos, and more stored in the cloud with more security, the HP Pavilion Chromebook gives you fast access to your digital life in more places.[1] Boot up or wake up quickly. Thanks to a solid-state drive (SSD) [2] and cloud storage, you can get to all your favorite stuff faster.
Get automatic updates of calendar events, email, status updates, and tweets so you don’t miss a thing[1].
Chromebooks are effortlessly simple right out of the box. And with automatic updates to your apps and the Google Chrome OS, your software and security is kept up to date without you having to lift a finger.
Keep your PC free from viruses and malware, and your mind free from worry. Extra hardware security is built right in, helping to ensure your personal data stays that way.
The World’s first full-size Chromebook.
We gave it a 14-inch diagonal HD display so you can see and do everything comfortably. At less than an inch thin and starting at 3.96 lb (1.8 kg), it’s small enough to take anywhere.
Sometimes only a face-to-face conversation will do. With the HP TrueVision HD Webcam[1], you always come off looking your best. Even in low light.
The Web without the wait.
Experience the web the Chrome way. Just start typing into the browser and pages load at blazing speed, so you don’t have to wait for the stuff you want.
Make your Chromebook uniquely you. Shop the Chrome Web Store and download apps for just about anything, from financial tools to games to social networks.
[1] Wireless access point and internet service required and not included.
[2] Select models.

HP Pavilion Chromebook | HP® Official Site.

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