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Can HTC compete with Apple and Samsung with the HTC One?

HTC One: Truly desirable smartphone

The HTC One is the latest smartphone from the house of HTC and clearly HTC has decided to become the market leader in the smartphone industry. It has an aluminum body and a screen, which measures at 4.7 inch. The screen is HD and the camera is truly futuristic. This is a winner from HTC.

It is very well known that HTC hasn’t had an easy going recently as the profits hit rock bottom and market share was slowly being taken away. HTC was in the driving seat with its Desire, Wildfire and One series smartphones.

With the release of HTC One, that tidal wave will strike a ferocious comeback. The body of HTC One is made of aluminum. It is a treat to hold it in hands. The vice president of HTC Scott Croyle stated that the screen feels like metallic, but there isn’t any. That is correct, but there is a metallic feeling holding the smartphone in hand. HTC One is a bit heavier than HTC One X. Its weight is 143 grams.

Technical specifications

HTC One has enough on plate to offer its dedicated audience interested. When compared to Motorola Razr and Sony Xperia Z, it is not edge to edge, but the 4.7 inch screen makes up for it.

The screen used in HTC One is Super LCD 3, which is pin sharp behind any shadow of doubt. The contrast ratio brings the best of images in the smartphone. The color saturation isn’t as deep as Samsung Galaxy S3.

It is superior to Sony Xperia Z, which had a washed up screen.

The HTC Sense has been revamped and upgraded. Now it is called HTC Sense 5. The new version of HTC Sense is cleaner. HTC mainly wanted to make the Android experience easier and user friendly. It has been able to achieve that as template is much narrower. At a time, one can view twelve applications.

The main feature Blink-Feed is incorporated. Blink-Feed is an advanced version of Flip board application. It will be more advanced and functional.

Blink-Feed will be on top of the home screen for providing information on the go. For now, Blink-Feed is in the initial stages and RSS feeds can’t be added and the options are limited for now.

Google has released Google Now cards which could be quite useful too. Blink-Feed is in the development phases.

Futuristic camera

Ultra-pixel is a feature truly worth accolades. It is pushing back the 13 megapixel cameras, which are being integrated in smartphones these days. Only iPhone 5 can really compete with HTC One low light situation. The rest of the smartphones couldn’t compete with HTC One and iPhone 5.

The introduction of HTC Zoe will bring to life a Harry Potter like feature, where photos are animated and lively. The photos won’t be static anymore.

The camera has also been revamped. HTC One has a 4 megapixel sensor. The camera has a small sensor and bigger pixels allow light to enter. The photos look much better than before.







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