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71% would never buy a Blackberry…WOW

Well this isn’t good news for Blackberry.  But I must say I’m liking the Z10 so far!



Consumer surveys haven’t been very kind to BlackBerry (BBRY) this week. In the wake an earlier survey showing that 83% of Americans had no idea BlackBerry 10 had even launchedAllThingsD points us to a new survey from research firm Raymond James showing that 71.4% of consumers would never buy a BlackBerry under any circumstances. For comparison, just 19.7% of consumers surveyed said that nothing could convince them to buy an iPhonewhile just 31.3% said the same of Android phones. It goes without saying that this only underscores the challenges that BlackBerry faces in trying to win over consumers who are already very attached to both iOS and Android and suggests that the company faces a pretty low ceiling for how high its market share can climb.

BlackBerry consumer interest survey: 71% would never buy | BGR.

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