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Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Review

Hardware and Design

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active has the best materials for any Samsung smartphone I can remember using in quite awhile. Albeit it’s still mostly plastic it feels and weighs more sturdy than any of their most recent smartphones including the original Galaxy S4. This smartphone features a Full HD LCD Display. The main feature is that the smartphone is Water-resistant up to 1 meter for 30 minutes
and dust-resistant (based on IP67 rating). This comes in handy for a lot of folks as I’ve had several people tell me how they dropped their phone in the toilet amongst other things.

Score 8.2


The Software on this Android phone is none other then TouchWiz and at this point you either like it or hate it and though I do like the features I think they need to redesign the software as it’s getting pretty cluttered and stale at this point. But it is functional but not very practical or clean looking. With that being said if you’re used to using it you won’t feel like a fish out of water however if you’ve never used TouchWiz before get ready for a ride!

Score 6.5


The Camera on the Galaxy S4 Active comes in at 8MP with LED Flash it also has the exclusive Aqua mode which is good for taking pictures underwater. Other then that it’s a nice camera with some of the more extreme features from the original Galaxy S4 missing such as the dual camera mode. Overall it’s a decent camera as you won’t be disappointed.

Score 8.4

Network Performance

This phone worked great on 4GLTE and I had no problems downloading and holding a signal which is great! I really didn’t test the calling too much as I use Google Voice. But I didn’t notice any issues.

Score 9.0


The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is a very good phone and to be honest had this phone came out as the same time as the regular Galaxy S4 I might have bought this one instead as I like the feel of this phone much more. But since I do prefer better camera images I’m going to stick with my 32GB Galaxy S4 however if crazy dual camera features don’t appeal to you I highly suggest the Galaxy S4 Active over the original. (Review Unit provided by AT&T)

Final Score 8.0

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