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6 Things You Can Do With Your Smartphone

Smartphones are the need of each and every person but the extent to which different people use smartphones is different. Some users – like teenagers – are a pro and know almost all the features of a smartphone; they even know hidden features. There are others who restrict themselves only to making calls. It doesn’t matter at all that where you fall on the spectrum of tech users because whether you are a pro or a limited user of smartphone, there are hidden features and apps that you may not have known yet

Here is a list of six things that you should know about your smartphone

  1. Monitoring Your Heartbeat

Heart diseases are common among people and that’s why many people remain conscious about the regular medical checkups. Even if a person is healthy, he may want to check his heartbeat to check the fitness level. But, do we need to go to the hospitals to check our heartbeats? And the answer is no because your smartphone can do it for you.


The app “Instant Heart” is used by more than five million users who use this app to check their heartbeat. The app functions on an amazing technique: you have to put your finger on the camera lens and flash, and with the help of camera lens the app will calculate the change in color of your finger when the blood moves from your heart to your body and again to the heart.

The app not only measures the pulse rate, it also keeps a record of it. You can share this record with the professionals whenever you want. The app is available for iPhones, Androids, and windows mobiles as well. There are also certain mobiles – like Samsung – which have built-in pulse rate sensor at their back.

  1. Translation of Foreign Languages


The world has become a global village in which we can access whatever we want. The English language is the lingua franca of the world and is spoken in more than 50 countries. But, still there are places where people don’t know the English language and in order to communicate with them, we need translators. Your mobile is a translation machine in your pocket.

The most astonishing feature of such apps is that not only you can translate the typed word, but you can also translate those words that are written on a board or somewhere by pointing the camera of your mobile on those words. The original words are replaced by live translation. This app covers many languages like French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish etc.

You can use this feature by installing a Google Translation app which is available for free both for Android and Apple iOS.

  1. Mailing a Postcard

Although postcards are still used today, their usage is reduced to a minimum by the advancement of other developed ways of communication. Many traditional people still use postcards. Your mobile offers you to create a custom postcard in what manner you like and then you can send it anywhere you want only with the help of one click.

You can take a snapshot with the help of your camera, and then you can customize this snap by writing your name on it and by adding your signature. When you are finished customizing, you can send this postcard to the company via text message which will print it for you and will send it anywhere you want. The app is free, but the delivery of postcards will cost you 2 to 3 dollars.

  1. Digitizing Documents

If you work in an office and you want to keep a digital record of all your documents, you can do so only with the help of your mobile and there is no need to buy a scanner for that. The app CamScanner lets you take picture of any document and it can instantly convert these pictures into a PDF format. It is a very useful technique and you won’t have to use any cumbersome office scanner. However, if you are looking for some digital scanner, you can explore this and many more things on Groupon.

This app also offers you customizations like low lightening using which you can increase the quality of the pictures. The app is free for Android as well as Apple mobiles.

  1. Finding Dropped Screws and Other Metal Objects

There are many apps that can detect the different metal things like steel and iron. The apps do so by using the built-in magnetic sensor to detect things. One limitation of such apps is that they can detect these metallic objects only at the distance of few feet, if they are away little more than few feet, the app won’t scan them.

The app is not totally impractical and unproductive though because it can save you from stepping your feet on any metallic object that can harm you, like a nail. The app is free for both Android and Apple phones.

  1. Measuring Height and Distance

There are many apps that can measure height or distance, and can be very useful for measuring dimensions of the room or a distance of the yard. You can also use these apps to make sure whether a certain piece of furniture will fit in your room. The app is free for iPhone mobiles, but you will have to pay $1.5 dollar for Android mobiles. The app is also paid for windows mobiles.

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