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HTC One M8 2014 (Verizon) Unboxing

The new HTC One is here! HTC announced their latest flagship smartphone yesterday and released it on the same day! I must say I was impressed they where able to pull that off even though the phone had leaked several times over the past few weeks. Nonetheless full unboxing of the Verizon model below!

HTC One this Summer to Verizon

Well I can’t say I’m not surprised by this one! Great news for Verizon Fans!!! Via The Verge Following months of speculation, Verizon has announced today that it’ll be launching its own version of HTC’s vaunted One in the coming months. For HTC, the announcement carries special weight: Verizon’s support means that the One will be available from all four US national carriers, matching the…

HTC First (AT&T) Review

Check out my review of the HTC First! AT&T Phone on Amazon http://goo.gl/fhsf1

HTC First (AT&T) Unboxing

Check out my unboxing of the Facebook branded smartphone the HTC First! AT&T Phone on Amazon http://goo.gl/fhsf1

HTC One (Glacial Silver) & Car Kit Unboxing (T-Mobile)

Check out my unboxing of one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year! The HTC One!        

HTC One Arrives At AT&T April 19 Starting At $199.99

Here’s the date we all have been waiting for! The HTC One will be released on April 19th with a free HTC media link streaming device! Can this smartphone turn it around for HTC in the US? Via AT&T DALLAS, April 2, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –Beginning April 19, AT&T* plans to offer the highly-anticipated HTC One® smartphone to customers for $199.99 with a…

The HTC One will be delayed in US/North America until April.

Well this isn’t good news for HTC as they’re trying to make a big splash in the smartphone market this year.  The HTC One will be delayed in US/North America until April. Via HTC   Coming Soon: The Future of Phones

Can HTC compete with Apple and Samsung with the HTC One?

HTC One: Truly desirable smartphone The HTC One is the latest smartphone from the house of HTC and clearly HTC has decided to become the market leader in the smartphone industry. It has an aluminum body and a screen, which measures at 4.7 inch. The screen is HD and the camera is truly futuristic. This is a winner from HTC. It is…

Windows Phone HTC 8X (Verizon) Review

Check out my Video Review of the HTC 8X on Verizon Wireless!   HTC 8X on Amazon http://goo.gl/iLGjq   <iframe width=”853″ height=”480″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/Ubtz01kupoQ” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Top 5 Smartphones of 2012

Check out my Top 5 Smartphones of 2012!!!

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