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Google is adding an app launcher to its mobile app

Google loves tweaking its mobile app to add additional features beyond regular search. The Google app on both iOS and Android was updated with two-factor authentication support last year, and today it’s getting its very own web app launcher. from TechSnobs http://ift.tt/2mLroBl

Instagram says all users can now protect their accounts with two-factor authentication

Instagram’s CEO Kevin Systrom today confirmed that two-factor authentication is now available to all of the app’s users worldwide. The company first announced plans to roll out two-factor over a year ago in February 2016 — and it was late to adapt the important security measure even then. from TechSnobs http://ift.tt/2nb6SvL

Don’t Get Hacked: Tools You Can Use To Protect Your Online Identity

Hacking is on everyone’s mind to some degree lately—especially with the recent WikiLeaks/CIA fiasco. If you’re worried about how events like this potentially impact your security and privacy, you’re not alone. from TechSnobs http://ift.tt/2mtbafY

Google Cloud Next ’17 Impressions


I’m here at Google Cloud Next to learn about all the new Google Cloud technologies being used including Machine learning! I’ll have up a full impressions video later in the week. I feel that based on all of the new announcements about various Machine Learning API’s being released the Video Intelligence API is really AMAZING! As you can find objects in video by…

CIA has hacking unit devoted to iOS malware; has lost control of most of it – Wikileaks

Wikileaks claims that the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency has a specialized unit within its Center for Cyber Intelligence that is devoted to developing and obtaining zero-day exploits for iOS devices. from TechSnobs http://ift.tt/2mSJ5n1

Chrome on iOS is now open source

Google’s Chromium project lets developers poke around, test, and modify Google’s open-source browser code. But up until today, Chrome for iOS’s code wasn’t included in the open-source repository. Now, however, the company is making it public. from TechSnobs http://ift.tt/2jRD0oa

Reminder: Your Passwords Are Still Terrible

Hey, Internet: Your passwords still suck. Though security experts have been warning us since forever that passwords like “123456” and “password” are incredibly insecure, many people continue to use them, according to new data from Keeper Security, which makes password management software. from TechSnobs http://ift.tt/2jsFFp0

Moto Z Review (Verizon)

Moto Z is here! Save $1000 on a Tesla! http://ift.tt/2hyrQ7d us on Amazon http://amzn.to/1SzPoRGFacebook http://ift.tt/1Cx6aLr http://twitter.com/ATechSnobInstagram http://ift.tt/1Cx69ao http://ift.tt/1Cx69aq Plus http://goo.gl/ilPHaI from TechSnobs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7h3N4hKDT7Q

Amazon starts Prime Air drone delivery trials in the UK

Amazon today announced that it has started a small private drone delivery trial in the UK. It’s currently working with only two shoppers who can now order their goods by drone. from TechSnobs http://ift.tt/2hwkQVX

Instagram launches live video for Stories, disappearing photos & videos in direct messages

After a tease earlier this month, Instagram today announced its new live video functionality available within the app’s Stories feature. The app also gets disappearing photos and videos within direct messages including group chats. from TechSnobs http://ift.tt/2fk3w7i

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