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Don’t Get Hacked: Tools You Can Use To Protect Your Online Identity

Hacking is on everyone’s mind to some degree lately—especially with the recent WikiLeaks/CIA fiasco. If you’re worried about how events like this potentially impact your security and privacy, you’re not alone. from TechSnobs http://ift.tt/2mtbafY

The internet is still actually controlled by 14 people who hold 7 secret keys

It sounds like something out of a Dan Brown book, but it isn’t: The whole internet is protected by seven highly protected keys in the hands of 14 people. And in a few days, they will hold a historic ritual known as the Root Signing Ceremony. from TechSnobs http://ift.tt/2eBhu1e

Netflix whizzes past 75 million subscribers thanks to record international growth

Netflix share price is up 121 percent in the last year. from TechSnobs http://ift.tt/1ZzsRXM

LinkNYC’s free gigabit Wi-Fi is here, and it is glorious

I’m standing on the corner of 15th Street and Third Avenue in New York City, and I’m freezing. But my iPhone is on fire. from TechSnobs http://ift.tt/1Qcavto

Verizon launches its own sponsored data program

Verizon today announced a new sponsored data program it is calling FreeBee, which will let brands and content makers provide video and other content to Verizon users without it counting against the users’ data allowance. from TechSnobs http://ift.tt/1PnWCp1

Average United States Download Speed Jumps 10Mbps in Just One Year to 33.9Mbps

The most recent average US download speed from Ookla Speedtest for March 2014, is 33.9Mbps (these numbers are Broadband only, no Mobile tests are included).  In April 2014, the average speed was just 23.9Mbps. from TechSnobs http://ift.tt/1N5V0Q5

FCC orders T-Mobile to stop covering up how slow your connection is

T-Mobile’s move to hide throttled customers’ actual data speeds has just been shot down. Per Ars Technica, the Federal Communications Commission this week said that T-Mobile can no longer exempt speed test results from its wireless data caps. from TechSnobs http://ift.tt/15pG54B

China suspected of breaching U.S. Postal Service computer networks

Chinese government hackers are suspected of breaching the computer networks of the United States Postal Service, compromising the data of more than 800,000 employees. The intrusion was discovered in mid-September, said officials, who declined to comment on who was thought to be responsible. from TechSnobs http://ift.tt/11bbia0

Prominent Hacker Who Became FBI Informant Is Released

The hacker who cofounded the shadowy LulzSec group, but who then helped the U.S. government disrupt at least 300 cyberattacks while working as an FBI informant, is now a free man. from TechSnobs http://ift.tt/1ip1ieH

Comcast Doubles Speeds of Two Xfinity Internet Speed Tiers and adds a 305Mbps tier

This is great news for all Comcast users as they’re doubling my speed for free!!  Now I’m not even going to talk about paying $300 a month for internet but I’m sure some will sign up! Via Comcast Comcast Doubles Speeds of Two Xfinity Internet Speed Tiers at No Additional Cost to Customers PHILADELPHIA, PA  –  July 24, 2012Comcast Corporation, one of…

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