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Apple Watch 3 Won’t Have ‘Obvious Change’ to Form Factor, LTE to Be Main Selling Point

The third-generation Apple Watch, expected to be introduced alongside new iPhones this fall, does not feature an obvious change to form factor, according to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. from TechSnobs http://ift.tt/2fF65nb

How to stop the same song from autoplaying every time you plug your phone into a car

It’s happened to everyone: you plug your smartphone into your car, and then cringe when that song — the same song every time — begins to play. For some reason, iPhones will automatically play whatever song is listed first alphabetically in your iTunes. from TechSnobs http://ift.tt/2vSv24I

Apple Now Allows Developers to Test Apps With Up To 10,000 Users

Apple today updated its developer news site to let developers know that TestFlight tester limits have been expanded. Starting today, developers can invite up to 10,000 users to beta test their iOS, watchOS, tvOS, and iMessage apps before the apps are released on the App Store. from TechSnobs http://ift.tt/2vmHDNQ

iOS 11 prevents your iPhone from automatically connecting to slow Wi-Fi

A new iOS 11 feature has shown up in the software’s most recent beta release that should be quite helpful for travelers and those who find themselves using a lot of public Wi-Fi. from TechSnobs http://ift.tt/2gXwT22

Apple’s latest security patch fixes a bug that lets hackers take over your phone via Wi-Fi

Apple released its newest security update today in the form of iOS 10.3.3. As is standard, the update patches multiple vulnerabilities, including some that could have allowed for remote code execution, aka an attacker doing things on your device that you don’t want and without your knowledge. from TechSnobs http://ift.tt/2vkWSDO

Everything You Need to Know About 5 Biggest Messenger Apps

Mobile messenger apps have become popular over the last decade, with billions of people relying on them to communicate with friends and family whether they live on the same street or in different parts of the world. from TechSnobs http://ift.tt/2mxyi0n

Apple iPad Pro 10.5 (2017) Review!

Ok folks I’ve had the new iPad Pro 10.5 (2017) model for a few weeks and I must say promotion makes a big difference in the overall smoothness and speed! Check out my full review!

Apple releases first iOS 11 public beta for iPhone and iPad

Apple has released the first iOS 11 public beta for iPhone and iPad. This allows users who are not registered developers to test pre-release versions of iOS with new features for free. Prior to the public beta availability, iOS 11 has only been available to test with a $99/year developer account. from TechSnobs http://ift.tt/2uamJNm

Tim Cook talks iOS and enterprise at Cisco event, Cisco Security Connector announced

Apple CEO Tim Cook has made an unannounced appearance at this year’s Cisco Live US event happening now in Las Vegas. Cook’s appearance marks two years since Apple and Cisco unveiled a new partnership to create an iOS “fast lane” for enterprise customers. from TechSnobs http://ift.tt/2seUw6E

Some teens earning $20k+ fixing iPhones in their summer break

While some teenagers may enjoy time off over the summer break, others take up summer jobs. These have traditionally been low-paid hourly jobs, but some are making in excess of $20,000 by fixing iPhones … The WSJ spoke to one 16-year-old who made almost $24k last summer. from TechSnobs http://ift.tt/2tNcHBB

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