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More leaked photos may show Apple’s fully assembled iPhone 6

We saw leaked photos of what may be fully assembled external components from Apple’s next-generation iPhone 6 earlier on Wednesday, and now a new set of photos once again might show us exactly what we can expect from Apple’s flagship smartphone later this year. from TechSnobs http://ift.tt/UtDJMM

AT&T releases shock-resistant Samsung Galaxy S5 Active

The Samsung Galaxy S5’s waterproofing was one of its headline features, but if you need a little more resilience AT&T may have you covered. The previously leaked Galaxy S5 Active is now on sale, adding shock resistance to Samsung’s flagship smartphone while keeping the same specifications: a 5. from TechSnobs http://ift.tt/1gGsSbX

Watch tennis from Roger Federer’s perspective with Google Glass

You’ll never play tennis like Roger Federer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t see the court from his point of view. from TechSnobs http://ift.tt/1mja1TO

Amazon will pay you $10 to download these 5 free Android apps

What’s better than a nice paid Android app? A nice free Android app. And what’s better than a nice free Android app? Getting paid to download a free Android app. Amazon on Thursday announced a special Memorial Day promotion unlike like any we’ve seen in the past. from TechSnobs http://ift.tt/1ojR5Vz

Top 5 Smartphones for Spring 2014

Here it is folks! My top 5 smartphones for the Spring of 2014! In all honesty you can switch around the order but the main point I’m trying to get across is that any of these smartphones will meet most if not all of your mobile needs!

12 phones that changed the world

  Today’s fancy phones: They all came from somewhere Every mobile phone we use today, from basic handsets to the most advanced computer-in-your-pocket, wasn’t created in a vacuum. Instead, they were built using the parts of many groundbreaking phones that came before them. Even if they don’t look like much now, those pioneer devices set the stage for all the mobile development…

Verizon announces XLTE

Are you ready for XLTE? Speedtests are coming soon! Via Verizon Verizon Wireless Launches XLTE: America’s Best Network Gets Even Better Faster peak speeds, double the 4G LTE bandwidth in cities coast to coast only for Verizon Wireless customers. May 19, 2014 Verizon Wireless today announced XLTE – the next step in ensuring the very best high-speed data experience available on any…

Nokia Lumia Icon (Verizon) Unboxing

The latest Nokia Lumia Windows phone is here! Big thanks to Verizon for sending over a review unit of the Nokia Lumia Icon! This smartphone features top of the line specs in every area including the 20.1 megapixel Carl Zeiss PureView camera!

Samsung Galaxy S5 (AT&T) Unboxing and Comparison

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has arrived and we’re excited to get our hands on it to see how it performs against all the other smartphones out there. It features a 5.1 inch Super AMOLED display! It also includes a Heart rate monitor and fingerprint reader!

HTC One M8 2014 (Verizon) Unboxing

The new HTC One is here! HTC announced their latest flagship smartphone yesterday and released it on the same day! I must say I was impressed they where able to pull that off even though the phone had leaked several times over the past few weeks. Nonetheless full unboxing of the Verizon model below!

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