Hands All Over Your Canvas

I get a little piece of happiness from watching behind the scenes footage of creative processes. Here is a short video from Society6 that shows the care that they put into their canvases. I’ve also included images of canvases I thought were colorful and unique by  Society6 Artists below. I couldn’t help but include another Read more about Hands All Over Your Canvas[…]

Walking on Rainbows

I definitely have an affinity for color which is no secret! So of course I fell in love with these two rugs when I saw them. The first rug is from Anthropologie and is no longer on their website. Luckily, I was able to snag it when it went on sale last month! It has Read more about Walking on Rainbows[…]

Lana Kole Open Studio

On December 3rd, I had the fabulous opportunity to visit the open studio for Lana Kole. The space was fresh and full of color! I’ve included some photos below. You can also visit Lana Kole’s website and Etsy store to shop creative decals, textiles and home decor items. Work area Beautiful pillows made with Lana Kole fabrics Color! Lovely space Read more about Lana Kole Open Studio[…]

The Print Shop collaboration from Society6 and Urban Outfitters

The artwork on Society6 is created by thousands of artists from around the world. This platform ships work on behalf of the artists, all while allowing the artists to control the rights to their work. Society6 has a collaboration with Urban Outfitters where UO curates selected images for display on an area of their website Read more about The Print Shop collaboration from Society6 and Urban Outfitters[…]

West Elm Countdown

Only one day remains until the opening of West Elm in the Towson Town Center in Maryland! As a recent newlywed, I am naturally excited to add another to my arsenal for redecorating our home! Here are a few items I am interested in as I ponder an “eclectic globally inspired” look for our home. Read more about West Elm Countdown[…]

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