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Happy Friday Everyone! I know I have not posted frequently in the past few weeks but there has been a lot going on! As some of you may know I am working on developing a clothing line. After sewing over the past couple of years, I decided to kick things up a notch!

Designing clothing has always been something I was interested in. However, due to various reasons it has been on the back burner. My mother, grandmother, and aunts all knew how to sew and make their own clothing so it was inevitable, right? Not to mention the fact that  when I was a little girl I always drew, cut, and colored my paper dolls with their own outfits. Oh and don’t forget Fashion Plates! LOL And to answer your question, no I did not have the NKOTB set but I think my sister and I did have Fashion Faces! Ha! I digress. So, earlier this month I went up to New York  and visited a manufacturer and a few fabric suppliers.

I also made time on Saturday to get in a little wedding shopping with with my friend Wintana for her wedding this Summer. I’m so excited for her! Overall, the trip was very productive despite the horrible sleet and snow on Friday! We powered our way through the weather feeling quite accomplished in the end.


New York is a city full of creativity and options. I truly love the fact that in America there is the opportunity to find resources and pursue your dreams. You can search the web, go to the library, and utilize so many tools to learn independently. Not to mention the large amount of classes out there! Have I mentioned that I love taking creative classes? *smile* I’ve always had a love for entrepreneurship and self-expression. When I visit New York I feel this burst of energy and excitement that I usually feel when I visit places that I identify with or can relate to. I finally visited the Tinsel Trading Co. store on this trip as well. I have been a fan of their online store since reading French General: Treasured Notions: Inspiration and Craft Projects Using Vintage Beads, Buttons, Ribbons, and Trim from Tinsel Trading Company by Kaari Meng and Marica Ceppos a few years ago. I love collecting pretty things and this place is a treasure box of beautiful pieces and trims. You should definitely stop by the next time you are in the city.


I truly enjoy challenging myself, trying new things, and applying the skills I’ve acquired over time to different areas. I am excited about doing all three of these things in the field of fashion design. I have definitely been calling upon my experience managing projects and running my former gift shop as I develop this line/business. It’s definitely not an easy task! And if it was, I’m not even sure how interested I would be! Ha! So back to work I go. I am looking forward to Spring/Summer 2014!

By the way, what do you like to do when you go to New York?


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  • This is so exciting! When do we get a sneak peek at your line? I was just in NY a couple of weeks ago, just about the same time you were. I got to visit FIT and give a talk to some of the grad students there. I was hoping to visit the FIT museum, but it was closed (Mondays).

    Every chance I get to go to New York, I take it. Amazing city.

    • Giving a talk to FIT students sounds exciting! I’ll be giving sneak peeks of the line on my blog as things progress towards SS14!

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