Friends of Type: Inspiration is Everywhere


Check out this visually stimulating typography by Friends of Type created as a wall mural for BBDO New York’s office café. The style of each individual piece is amazing.

Images from Friends of Type

Want to know more about Friends of Type? Here is a great overview of what they are about pulled from their site.

“Friends of Type features original typographic design and lettering – fresh visual content – practically every day, by the four primary contributors. Posts are meant to log ideas, express ourselves, and inspire each other and our readers. The last week of every month we feature a guest designer, someone we admire and think will elevate our work and the site through their contribution.

This is a sketchbook, an archive, a dialogue. The posts are sketches and ideas on visualized language; a collaborative habit born out of the realtime interactions that made us friends in the first place.”

Searching for inspiration? Look no further than Friends of Type.


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