Thank God It’s July! I’m so happy that it is July. I made it! June was such insanely busy month. Don’t get me wrong it had it’s fun moments but I was perpetually on the move. My brain was fried by June 27th! July looks pretty similar but with more activities that are simultaneously work and fun. I look forward to sharing recaps of some previous events with you this month as well! Here are a few cool things that happened in June.

  1. I moved to a new spot! I’m so excited to report that I have moved to a bigger crib with awesome windows. However, the fact still remains that I despise packing and moving.
  2. I helped plan a bridal shower for one of my good friends. You can find the photos on my instagram page.
  3. I attended Project Management training. I look forward to finally taking the PMP Exam sometime this year. Project Management is a beautiful thing.
  4. I managed to make it to Taste of Two Cities at Rash Field and eat some pretty great crab fries.
  5. I hung out with BLM friend Karen from Your Stylist Karen and went to Truckaroo. I finally had a chance to get the lobster roll from Red Hook Lobster that my husband is constantly raving about. What can I say? It was good! More to come about Truckaroo!
  6. I started my Spanish Class in DC at Fluent City. I look forward to sharing more about that as well.
  7. I attended the last Faith Cafe for the summer at my church. I look forward reading the rest of The Circle Maker. This is a book I would definitely like an audio copy of!
  8. I began working on some restructuring to the blog/brand. I want to share creative content more frequently and have been working on some new methods of doing that! You should see some changes by the end of the summer.

What was June like for you? Do you have any big plans for July?


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